Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Immediately starting and sticking with a rehabilitation program will help you meet your goals that much sooner.

  • Find out how many sessions are covered by insurance and plan an efficient schedule with your therapist.
  • Begin an exercise routine suited to the type and level of loss as soon as you’re medically cleared.
  • Find a therapist who believes in your recovery and supports your vision of what recovery means.
  • Don’t let people tell you “no.”


“When I walk into a hospital room and talk to somebody who had just suffered an amputation, they’re sitting there wondering ‘What is the rest of my life going to look like?’ Then someone like me or one of the other peer advocates at Wiggle Your Toes can say ‘You know what? I’m playing softball, I’m riding my bike, I’m jogging, I’m golfing, I went back to work: this is how I did it.’ To be able to share a personal story like that with an individual who has recently suffered an amputation is invaluable.”