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Huffington Post: Jeff Bauman, Iconic Photo

By Eleanor Goldberg, Huffington Post


Jeff Bauman, the Boston bombing victim who’s become the face of resilience since the attacks, recently took his first steps toward independence. In its extensive profile, The New York Times painted the painstaking efforts Bauman, who lost both legs in the bombings,[…]

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KARE 11: Local man talks about journey as bi-lateral amputee, helping Boston victims

By Staff, KARE, Kare 11


GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — A big part of recovery for many victims of the Boston bombings involves a non-profit based right here in the Twin Cities. It is called, Wiggle Your Toes, and it helps amputees get the help they[…]

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TODAY SHOW: Boston Bombing Victim: I’m a quick healer like Wolverine

By Scott Stump, Today Show


In one of the most memorable pictures from the Boston Marathon bombing, Jeff Bauman is being hustled to safety in a wheelchair by Carlos Arredondo after suffering life-threatening injuries that included the loss of his legs. Bauman, 27, has become[…]

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Fox 9: Metro woman offers fashion advice to Boston Marathon Amputees

By Jonathan Choe,


A Twin Cities woman is bringing feel-good fashion advice to Boston bombing amputees, telling FOX 9 News she wants to help women look good with their prosthetic limbs as well as provide emotional support. After the Boston Marathon bombings last[…]

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Otto Bock Movie – “Limitless”, Leslie Pitt Schneider

By Leslie Pitt Schneider,


Leslie’s story is much more than a triumph over tragedy. After losing her leg as a young girl, her story encompasses the love and support of family, friends and the clinicians who helped in her rehabilitation and full engagement with[…]

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StarTribune: Twin Cities lawyer embarks on marathon mission

By Jeff Strickler , Star Tribune


Leslie Pitt Schneider admits she sometimes sounds “too Pollyanna,” but she isn’t about to change. The Twin Cities lawyer, who lost her left leg when she was hit by a truck as a 6-year-old, refuses to see the accident as[…]

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