Our Story

Aaron Holm lost both of his legs in a horrific accident on January 2, 2007. But what shattered his body failed to dent his courage, strength and infectious optimism. He’s been helping others regain their positive energy and spirit ever since.

Armed with a laptop and a cellphone, Aaron started Wiggle Your Toes from his hospital bed. He educated himself, formed teams of friends and loved ones, and began charting a course to his new normal. Aaron returned home after only 19 days, joined his three children upstairs, and read them a story that night.

Aaron and his dedicated team built Wiggle Your Toes so others could not just get by but live life to its fullest. Through personalized support, practical answers, resources and tools, Wiggle Your Toes helps amputees in Minnesota and beyond keep looking and moving forward.

Our Mission

To empower those who have lost a limb to move forward, take action and get back to the life they want.