FOX 9: Local Runners send support to Boston Marathon victims

By Scott Wasserman, KMSP-TV



Boston bombing victims are getting help from a man who knows firsthand what the amputees are going through.

Aaron Holm, founder of Wiggle Your Toes, and his team just returned home after spending two days with the Boston marathon victims. It’s one thing to get the help from the professionals, but another to get advice from those living without limbs.

The Twin Cities running community came to Veterans Park in Richfield, Minn. on Sunday to raise money and show support for Boston.

“We are thrilled with the turnout and support we’ve seen. I think that’s a testament to the Twin Cities running community,” Mark Kuhn of Up Tempo Race Management said.

Kuhn put on the event, and asked for donation and words of encouragement to send to Boston. More than 200 runners participated, including Karen Wolf, who ran the marathon and was just around the corner when the bombs went off.

“We want to show our support, we want our kids to be a part of that supportive community, and the running community is strong, so, we just want our kids to be a part of that. We’ll be back,” Wolf said.

Aaron Holm lost his legs back in 2007 and he just arrived home from his trip to Boston following the bombings. Wiggle Your Toes provided immediate support for those who lost their limbs.

“We’re needed, there’s a huge demand for what we do,” Holm said.

Holm and his team of four other amputees met with the some of the victims to provide support in Boston.

“I went over and talked with a guy who was sitting by himself. I took a knee and started talking to him, and I could really tell that he needs more help. I don’t think it’s kicked in for a lot of victims. It’s just a blur for them at this point. As things settle down, I think that’s when reality’s going to set in,” Holm said.

They also spoke with doctors and rehab specialists, told their stories and spoke about how they are thriving years later.

“Our team gave the medical profession a lot of kudos. There wasn’t a dry eye in the whole room, it was amazing,” Holm said.

Holm said was humbling walking down the streets of Boston, where many came up to them thanking them for what they are doing.

“One woman said ‘We’re seeing the future. We’re seeing you guys walking down the street with your prosthetic limbs on and it gives us an idea of what the future is going to look like for these people that we’ve been praying for,'” Holm said.

At Veterans Park, the day ended with a moment of silence, marking the exact time of the bombings.

A message at the end of the race sounded throughout the park.

“We’re far away but still close at heart. We are the twin cities running community, but yet we are still Boston strong.”

The runners raised more than $5,800 on Sunday which they will send to Boston. Holm told FOX 9 News that so far, Wiggle Your Toes has raised $30,000 and they’ve been asked to come back to Boston as early as next week.

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